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Carrier Consulting Group is a telecommunications consulting firm formed to help our phone and internet users navigate the always changing and evolving telecommunications environment.  Our Concentration and expertise is office phone and internet services. We guarantee the lowest rates with each of the 50 carriers we represent and will serve as an advocate for our clients to reduce overall cost and find more efficient ways of communicating.

In telecom, we have so many different choices for our office utilization of phone and internet services. Today, we are using the internet more and more for our telephone needs and increasingly becoming dependant on a solid internet connection. We talk to our clients about their needs and from there find the best carrier and telecom service to fit those needs. Our consulting and brokerage services are free, the carrier pay us as their sales reps. Today all the carriers are using consulting firms such as Carrier Consulting Group LLC instead of keeping a large sales staff . In turn, they can reduce their overall cost and concentrate on optimizing their networks and serving their customers' needs more efficiently.

  • Carriers charging you too much
  • Having VOIP call quality issues
  • Is your internet circuit not keeping up with you growing office bandwidth needs
  • Want to save 20% to 50% on your telecom expense
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